6 Effective Treatments for your Lower Back Pain


Is the lower back pain of yours stealing away your peace? Then there are various things you can do apart from medication. There are innumerable healing solutions that ensure quick cure and if it is a time-consuming procedure to heal, there are also treatments to get rid of the acute back pain you are suffering from.

Therefore, here I am going to share a couple of effective treatments that will help you to heal from the back pain you are suffering from—

Your back needs some rest

Often overwork is responsible for the lower back pain. Say, if you have to come back home and take care of your family after a 10-hr job then you will are suffering from terrible fatigue. It is the overburden of work that is causing a terrible contraction in your back hampering the harmony in the nervous system.

A Nap on the Massage Chair

Therefore, you can take out some time and give your back some rest every day and you will get relaxed. Most Americans experiencing back pain end up rushing for X-Rays and MRI tests. But by taking some rest, you can help the nervous system to get back to work again like before. You can get an electronic massager to get some effective relieve while you are taking rest. A nap of 15-minutes on a massage chair can also be helpful.

Visit a Chiropractor

If you think that it’s been more than weeks and you are not getting cured, visiting a chiropractor can be a good solution. These doctors have magic in their hands. By pressing their fingertips at certain junctions of the spinal cord they can fix many difficult sprains. Look at the sportspersons who highly depend on the chiropractors besides the physiologists.

The Hot and Cold therapy

The hot and cold massage helps a lot to heal the back pain. You can use both the ice pack and hot water bag to enjoy the healing. Most doctors recommend the massage of both ice and hot water at an interval of few hours to get immediate results from the lower back pain along with pains in the other parts of the torso or the limbs.


Stress is responsible for various diseases and physical discomforts in the present era. It is the volume of work pressure as well as the anxiety regarding different things happening in personal and professional life that are causing stress. Back pain is also caused by the tremendous stress of human beings. To de-stress yoga, meditation and exercises are widely recommended.

Consider your mattress

A hard and uneven bed is also responsible for the lower back pain. You can rethink your mattress and replace it with an orthopedic mattress that can be excellent in resolving the pain in your back. There are options to customize the mattresses per your requirements.

Besides, these solutions, you can visit a massage spa for the pain relieving massages like deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, Thai Massage etc that are effective to heal from the terrible lower back pain.

Author’s Bio

Chenky successfully runs his business of massage chairs, and other body massagers. It is his passion for writing that has driven him to pen down the articles on the related fields of his business to aware people more about the usefulness of the massagers.