A Guide to Finding a Suitable Care Home


When it comes to taking good care of our loved ones, it is vital to ensure that when they get older they have a place that they can call home while getting the help that they need and often the best place for elderly people in need of some level of care is a dedicated care home. Sometimes it is possible for elderly people to remain in their own homes for a while and get home care assistants in to take care of their needs but as these needs get more intense; it is necessary for them to move into a specialist care home.

Sometimes this move can come with some resistance and other times it is a welcome relief but either way, it is vital to ensure that a suitable care home is found that matches their individual requirements and needs. A reliable care home in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or wherever in the UK you live can be found by doing some research first and you can look into a variety of things online, from photos of the home to details about how many residents there are.

Top Considerations

There are lots of things to take into consideration when hunting for a care home, including the following:

  • The location in comparison to where nearest relatives live
  • How many residents there are
  • How many staff there are
  • Their qualifications
  • The level of care required/offered
  • The building and facilities, such as a garden
  • What is located nearby

You can get a good feel for a home by looking through the website and you will be able to see things such as how dated the décor looks and generally how organised the company comes across.


If there are any specific religious, cultural or ethnic needs that need to be met, then make sure that the care home is aware of these and ask how they will integrate these needs into the care package.

Background Research

 The basic rule of thumb is that you can never do enough research on a care home and you will need to do all of the following to ensure that it is a reputable and reliable home:

  • Online research
  • Read reviews
  • Ask people for recommendations
  • Visit the home in person
  • Chat to the carers
  • Look around the home and judge it based on cleanliness, smell and overall atmosphere

 Top Tip: It is vital to read reviews written about different care homes to find one with a good reputation in the sector and it is a good idea to read the Care Quality Commission reports to get a better picture of the home.

Above all, use your common sense and look around to see how relaxed the ambience is. While there are often issues that arise in care homes with residents suffering from a number of different ailments from dementia to Alzheimer’s which can cause distress – you can get a general feel for how organised and caring a home is simply by sitting down with the residents and carers for a while.