All about DIM – for men, for weight loss and more


One of the best ways to increase testosterone levels naturally in men is to go for DIM. It also comes with several benefits like reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and hormone sensitive cancers. 3,3’-diindolylmethane is the scientific name for DIM. It is manufactured by the process of metabolizing I3C that is indole-3-carbinol. This is found in kale, watercress, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and other vegetables as a phytonutrient.

Many of the studies happened on DIM are mainly focused on prevention of cancer and treatment of cancer by using DIM. Few other studies have revealed use of DIM for many other purposes.

DIM is very effective in balancing hormone testosterone and estrogen in respectively men and women. Earlier it was in use only for women. They were utilizing its property to regulate estrogen levels. But nowadays it is becoming popular for use in men mostly to improve their overall health. One can expect a lot of sexual health benefits of DIM.

Testosterone booster:

Quality of life in men is highly influenced by balanced testosterone levels. Adverse conditions and severe diseases can be found if level of this hormone goes low. At this condition men may experience lack of energy, decreased quality of life, very poor physical performance, and sex drive.

So in recent years, one can see that popularity of testosterone replacement therapy has increasing day by day. Testosterone boosting by using DIM is gaining popularity when compared to other TRT’s. This is because it has fewer side effects compared to other methods like mainstream TRTs.

TRTs like injections, sprays, aerosol, and tablets come with lot of side effects like prostate cancer, unmanageable anger, swollen testicles and loss of hearing. Some have even experienced severe effects like coma.

DIM supplementation does not come with any of these side effects. It can balance the levels of testosterone, estrogen and few other hormones in men. This won’t cause any permanent damage or severe effects. In men adequate level of testosterone is highly necessary because even estrogen level is decided by this hormone in men. Earlier it was believed that estrogen hormone is not really necessary in case of men. But now studies have proved that it is the necessary hormone both for women and men. This hormone will be utilized by every organ in men also. It can take many molecular forms may be nearly 2 dozen to serve various purposes.

DIM has ability to suppress aromatase. This is the process of converting testosterone to estradiol. This will result in more amount of free testosterone in the body. So there will not be any necessity to supplement this hormone through TRTs. Because of this there won’t be any side effects. DIM can also help men to lose weight. This can be very effective to lose extra fat near breast tissue in men.

Estrogen can work as both anti-fat and pro-fat agent. Estrogen is helpful in the reduction of insulin resistance. So it can be effective in blood sugar control. Estrogen is helpful in diabetic patients to take care of metabolic syndromes.