Appreciating Essential Oils from Mother Nature


Essential oils should be a part of living a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of aromatherapy are widely known. Now, the uses of pure essential oils can be appreciated.

The Process

Steam distillation is commonly used to extract oils. For example, steam is released into plant material. Next, heat from the steam creates pressure. The pressure and steam cause the oil to be released. The final product is oil and water. Naturally, the essential oil rises to the top. Companies, like doTERRA essential oils, use the cold-press method to obtain citrus oils. Indeed, a machine is used to remove oils like lemon and orange from the peels.

Healing Properties

Many oils have health properties. For instance, eucalyptus oil is very soothing in cold weather. This is a great oil to have on hand during the winter months to promote open airways and clear breathing. Further, doTERRA eucalyptus oil uses include calming feelings and easing sore muscles. The best way to use it is to inhale the oil. Many essential oils should not be ingested, like eucalyptus. In addition, to dilute this oil place the oil into carrier oil before using it topically.

Inhaling the Vapors

There are many ways to inhale beneficial oils. One way is to use dry evaporation. Simply, place some oil on a tissue and let it sit. The oil evaporates in the air. On the other hand, sniff the tissue directly if one needs a stronger dose. Some individuals may have a diffuser on hand. These devices can be bought in most department stores. The oil is placed in the device and heated. Sometimes, the directions say add water to the oil. Of course, the oil floats through the air. Steam works to get the aroma out there, as well. Place the oil in a bowl of steaming hot water and the oil quickly vaporizes. It is a good idea to place a towel over the head to deeply inhale the steam. There are many health benefits for various oils. Basil is said to increase focus and awareness. Further, lavender oil helps one to relax. Treat yourself and learn more about nature’s oils.