Feet Reflexology Systems In Massage Chairs


Reflexology is really a natural method included in a preventative health maintenance program. Reflexology can trace its roots to ancient Egypt. Much continues to be discovered reflexology because the occasions from the Egyptians. With today’s technology, reflexology feet systems are showing up in massage chairs.

Feet reflexology increases the lymphatic and vascular circulation. It may also help to balance the hormones. It’s also a highly effective fix for central nervous system disorders. There are various benefits including relaxation from getting regular feet reflexology massages.

There are a variety of top manufacturers which include feet reflexology massage within their recliners. Companies for example Panasonic, Omega and Sanyo allow us abilities to supply relieving feet reflexology treatments. There are a variety of various methods to accomplishing these kinds of treatments.

First, we must understand some relationships between your ft and all of those other body. Each feet has 7200 nerve endings. These provide direct accessibility circulatory and nervous systems in your body. Another essential factor would be that the ft would be the farthest from the heart which will help improve circulation.

The key behind a reflexology feet massage is dependant on the key there are reflex points. Reflexology uses specific pressure techniques that creates a serious condition of relaxation. The nerve endings from the ft are interconnected using the major organs from the body.

The manufacturers of massage chairs use a mix of reflexology plates or nodes with an air massage system. A robotic massage chair has specifically designed software to handle the various systems to supply a reflexology massage. These technologies combined efforts to provide soothing relief and relaxation.

An important development is really a reflexology plate. These specifically designed plates come in the feet wells from the leg rest. The ft are put on the top from the reflexology plates. These specifically designed plates stimulate the trigger points around the soles from the ft.

Another approach is by using specialized nodes. These nodes are usually mounted on an aura bag. The airbag is inflated which supplies pressure to stimulate the reflexology points.

The incredible benefits of foot reflexology are known to the world. Such massages focus on certain pressure points of the feet, which helps in reducing stress and ensures natural flow of energy in the body. You can check online to find known centers that offer services for foot reflexology Singapore.