Homoeopathic Treatment – How it Can Help Your Health


Homoeopathic treatment works by improving your immune system. It is only your immune system which can actually cure you of any disease or symptom. The method of the health treatment merely facilitates this.

Some health treatments lower your immune system, others raise them. Some health treatments are focussed on the pathogen which is the effect of an unhealthy immune system. And in killing off these pathogens, whether or not they should be there. Other treatments are focussed on the cause of the problem.

To me, it seems to be sensible to deal with the cause of the health problem, rather than the effect. To deal with raising the immune system rather than by killing off pathogens, which lowers the immunity.

And homoeopathic treatment does just that. It searches for the cause, then by the selection of the closest match of medicine to your symptom picture, it raises your immune system. Fast.

A healthy immune system can be compromised in a variety of ways. Blockages can hamper its efficient work.

Emotional blockages are common. These are created when you don’t work through an emotional upheaval in a natural way. When you swallow the hurt or the grief and smile and get on with life. You may think you do, but your body thinks differently. And you will notice that you will have continuing opportunities to deal with the suppressed problems, by recurring incidences.

Physical blockages can be created by many things. Common ones include accidents, by drugs, by vaccines.

Let me give you some examples of how homoeopathic treatment cleared blockages, allowing the return of an efficient immune system.

A girl fell off her pony and broke her arm. This was set and healed well. However, she remained fearful of riding again. One year later, she was diagnosed with appendicitis. This time she received homoeopathic treatment. This involved looking at the blockage that prevented her immune system from dealing with the appendicitis.

The riding accident.

The blockage was cleared with an accident medicine, her appendicitis symptoms disappeared and she suddenly regained her confidence in riding again.

A women lost her aging mother. In dealing with her estate, she had little time to grieve. This was further compounded by antibiotic treatment for a urinary tract infection. The grief became prolonged with constant outbursts of weeping. The appropriate medicine to remove the blockage caused by the antibiotics allowed the return of the grieving, which was then able to run its natural and cleansing course.

A woman will low energy didn’t experience an energy boost until the tetanus injection she had had over 40 years earlier was dealt with.

Homoeopathic treatment is deep, profound and can be life changing. It is also so gentle, you may not notice how much better you feel until it is pointed out to you by an observer.