How A Hot Tub Could Help With Your Depression


Depression seems to be on the increase. Are we just more willing to talk about it openly these days or is it really affecting more and more people each year? Whilst it is no longer a forbidden subject and those experiencing it seem more able to approach their GP, there is evidence that depression is affecting a wider range of people. So what can be done to treat it?

What Is Depression?

Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and if you aren’t naturally producing enough serotonin then you are at risk of developing depression and low mood. The first thing your GP will do is most likely prescribe an anti depressant for a few months to see if that improves things. They may also want to try out cognitive behavioural therapy to change the way you think and behave but these things take time to work and in the meantime it’s a good idea to try out other options as well that won’t affect any medical treatment you are receiving.

Treating Depression With Warmth

One thing that is thought to have a positive effect on depression is warmth. If it’s possible, a short holiday in the sun where you can relax on a beach whilst soaking up the rays may be a good idea to boost your mood. Using a hot tub is also another method that has been successful for many, something outlined to us by VitaSpa. There have been a number of studies carried out on the effects of warmth and it is thought that when the skin is warmed it increases the electrical signals in sensory neurons which indirectly increase activity in the part of the brain that affects mood. So enveloping yourself in the warm water of a hot tub could have a really positive effect on your depression and is a method that won’t affect your medical treatments in any way.