Thai Massage – A Parody On Its Curious Double Standard


Lately I examined the web site of the major US Thai Massage association (I will not name them here) to discover what must be done to write articles on their own site. I like writing and submitting articles about Thai Massage and also have been doing this for a long time. I distribute them on three of my very own healing arts websites and they’ve been republished by countless other websites. After practicing and teaching Thai Massage in Thailand along with other countries for 12 many running a web-based Thai Massage video training school, I’ve plenty of interesting topics to talk about. And So I naively believed that individuals credentials would get us a feet in.

Now to the web site from the Thai Massage association. Their rules condition the article cannot appear elsewhere, they have the legal rights towards the article, that I must submit proof who I’ve studied Thai Massage with, plus I must submit evidence which i had some study and exercise hrs, and a minimum of certainly one of my massage teachers needs to be approved by them like a qualified teacher by their standards.

I almost fell off my chair after i read might made the decision to pursue different venues. An excessive amount of trouble for me. But it’s their website as well as their rules, plus they could make up whatever rules that they like. I’ve no trouble with this whatsoever.

The thing is, My home is Thailand, and we do not have a lot of rules here, and should there be a lot of or too complicated rules, nobody will bother to follow along with them anyway. They refer to it as sabai sabai or maipenrai, roughly meaning “relaxInch, “it’s awesome”, “things are okay”, or “donrrrt worry mate” if you reside in Australia. I’ve found much simpler to reside with, but that’s just my own perspective.

But this is actually the funny factor: If individuals same rule-obsessed Westerners arrived at Thailand, all of a sudden everything changes. They ask their most favorite Thai Massage counselor where she learned all of this nutrients. When she informs them that they learned it from her granny, the westerner will nod appreciatively and admire grandma’s skills.

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