The Financial Benefits of Vaping


We are all aware of the tremendous health benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking tobacco, and if that isn’t enough to make you want to switch, the savings you will make over the years are simply staggering.

Increasing tax

The Australian government has announced it will increase the tax on cigarettes by a thumping 12.5% per year, at least up to 2020, and this makes vaping even more attractive to tobacco smokers. Vaping has enabled many people quit smoking tobacco, due to the obvious health benefits, and with ever increasing prices on a pack of smokes, it makes economic sense to switch to vaping.

Over the years

Let’s work out the cost for a person who smokes 20 cigarettes per day. At today’s prices, the tobacco smoker would pay a staggering $8,872 per year, while the equivalent of vaping costs a measly $720 for one year’s supply. This is already a substantial difference, yet when you take into consideration the 12.5% annual tax hike, it becomes positively huge. If we look at the figures over five years, vaping saves an incredible $50,000, and this is based on current prices and projected tax increases, which we know will happen, as the government has already made that clear.

Why the tax hike?

This is a good question, and there are several reasons. The first and foremost reason why governments want to reduce tobacco smoking is the health care costs, which are astronomical. If people switch to vaping, the government will save huge amounts in health treatment, as far less people will contract lung cancer and other potentially lethal diseases that tobacco smoking is known to cause.

Long term implications

The tax on cigarettes does provide substantial revenue for any government, but in the long term this is offset by the cost of treating tobacco related diseases. The war on tobacco smoking has reached a point where the authorities realise that public awareness campaigns have limited effect, and the best way to stop people smoking is to hike the price up to such a degree that economics takes over, and people just cannot afford to spend a large part of their income feeding a nicotine habit that can be easily controlled with vaping.

A five year plan

A tobacco smoker is likely to give many reasons why they should continue with the habit, but the truth is, not only is it very harmful, the money you spend on cigarettes is muchmore than vaping, and the difference will grow year by year, as the proposed tax increases come into effect. So, if you smoke tobacco, think about what you could with $50,000 in five years from now. This should be enough to make one realise that quitting smoking doesn’t have to mean abstaining from nicotine consumption, one merely changes the delivery system, and this cuts out all the harmful toxins that come with tobacco smoking.

Vaping makes sense, for more than one reason, so stub out that cigarette, get online, and check out Vaper Empire, where you can buy all the equipment to start saving money, and the best time to do that is right now!