What are the Best Ways to Lose Weight


Are you looking forward to shedding off a few pounds from your body? You must agree with the fact that in most cases, increasing weight is easier than reducing it or balancing the excessive weight gaining. There are various sought after ways that are clinically proven and accepted by the doctors as well.

Let’s find out the most sought after ways to lose weight—

Aerobic Exercising- Stay active plus burn calories

You can opt for various types of exercises including the aerobic exercising. Exercising increases metabolism that allows the excessive calories to burn down instead of layering in your body in the form of fat.  1465204242_norAerobic exercises like jogging, brisk walking, running, swimming, cycling etc very effective to stay active and balance weight. Apart from these, Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp, martial art, Taekwondo, etc are some of the most useful ways to burn fat.

Hit the gym- get a personal trainer

Hitting a gym is also a viable method to sweat off the excess calories nesting in your body. If you are new there and think of having an expert guide, hire a personal trainer. You can also have the equipment at home and let the trainer help you to shape up by shedding off the extra fat gathered in your body.


Diet: The biggest challenge!

Following a useful diet chart is essential when you are on the way to lose weight. It is strongly recommended to visit a doctor first to check the BMI and if the health care professional thinks that you are having more BMI than usual, he/she will definitely suggest you lose weight.

Up next contact a reputed dietitian that can offer you an effective diet plan after studying your BMI rate and also depending on the chronic diseases or other ailments you have.

Mostly, the dieticians put more efforts on your nutrition level and will offer you are diet plan by cutting off more carbs that you used to have once. It is strongly recommended to add more proteins and fibers in your diet like lentils, nuts, green vegetable, white meat like chicken, turkey or fish, etc. Proteins help in burning calories and the fibrous foods will help you from starving.


You will also be asked not to take more red meat, beer or other alcohol and for some time you need to withdraw from smoking to support your weight loss diet as well. Consuming sweets and sweeteners in coffee and tea are also not allowed. Instead of making of mess of everything, you can follow the gastronomic recipes crafted for people in their weight loss regime.

Medication/ Surgery- The Ultimate way

Usually, people diagnosed with obesity are recommended to opt for medication or surgery like liposuction or Gastric Sleeve surgery that is undergone by laparoscopy.  Here also, the patients are asked to follow a diet before the surgery in processed. Visit http://gastricsleevedietguide.com/ to acquire more knowledge on the same.

So, these are the best ways to control and lose weight. This is your life that you must live at its best by staying away from all apathies.

Author’s Bio

Marcel Pumaign is an expert gastric sleeve dietitian who is always in the process to aware the readers with the fresh new updates in the field of gastric sleeve surgery, diet plans and more.