What You Didn’t Know About Pilates


If you enjoy exercise, meditation, relaxation, and focus exercise, Pilates might be a better fit for you than you think. Pilates has so many benefits, but no one tells you about them. Pilates isn’t as media-popular as it once used to be. People move on to different health trends every year, and it’s probably only a matter of time until Pilates is in the spotlight again. However, while no one is talking about Pilates, you need to understand some important benefits Pilates offers and you need to consider trying a local Pilates class.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Pilates hasn’t been around for that long, and that’s why there haven’t been as many studies on the health benefits of Pilates versus something else like yoga. Most people do not know this, but Pilates has several health benefits.

First, Pilates helps with stress. If you’re feeling stressed out by work, life, or both, you should take the time to look into a Pilates class. Pilates is about focus; not just focusing on one thought or aspect of life, but focusing on the actual movements themselves. Pilates is about finding your centre physically so that you can find it mentally. When you take a Pilates class, they tell you to focus only on the movements you’re making, and returning to the centre position after each movement to enhance consistency. The act of physically focusing helps with emotional balancing.

Pilates helps with injuries. Movements in Pilates are all about extensions, meaning that the muscles have time to stretch out and relax. Muscles need to do this to heal themselves. People with sports or work injuries should feel encouraged to try clinical Pilates to rehabilitate their muscles that have been strained or damaged.

Pilates also builds strength and flexibility. Movements in Pilates are designed to extend muscles and put slight resistance on them with each movement and position. Holding a position in Pilates might be uncomfortable at first, but that is because your muscles need to get stronger to adapt to the movements you’re performing.

Looking to Get Started?

Pilates is a great healing ritual. If you’re suffering from stress or injury, either physical, mental, or emotional, Pilates can be a powerful outlet for your stress. A physiotherapist usually directs clinical Pilates. If you’re looking to get started on Pilates, you’ll need to understand how the process works.


First, you should find a clinic that offers clinical Pilates. There are several local places that offer Pilates in Perth, so you should do a quick search online to find one that is near you.

When you book an appointment, you will meet with a physiotherapist. This specialist will ask you about any injuries, past exercise experience, or whether you’re feeling mentally healthy. Once they’ve gathered the information required, they will design a Pilates plan that works for your specific needs so you can get started right away. You usually have the option to participate in a group or one-on-one, so the choice is yours.