Women’s Body Weight Training 101


Doctors talk about the importance of strong muscles and bones. Magazines feature toned celebrities on the covers. Instagram is flooded with people in cute gym clothes celebrating their latest workout.

Are you interested in a stronger body, but you don’t want the hassle of a gym or the expense of buying new equipment? You don’t need them. Body weight training for women involves no-fuss workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Are these routines right for you? Let’s look at the myths and benefits of body weight training.

Myths About Body Weight Training

Will strength training make you look as bulky as a well-oiled, over-tanned bodybuilder from the 90s?

The fitness world has been busting this myth for years now, but to repeat: no. You won’t look like that. In fact, even men are not able to achieve that look without supplements, possibly steroids, and years of targeted effort.

You’re less likely to injure yourself with the machines at the gym.

Or with barbells, kettlebells, or whatever other gadget is popular on social media. The truth?  Unless your doctor or physical therapist says otherwise, you should be perfectly safe with a well-designed routine of bodyweight exercises that you execute with good form.

Body weight training is ineffective.

This is a less frequently heard myth tied to gym culture and weight training gadgets. People think that ‘real’ progress can only be made with a barbell and a giant stack of iron weights or some fancy machine seen on a shopping channel, but it just isn’t true. The fact is, people have been building strong, toned, capable bodies since ancient times using just their own weight. The trick is to find the right program and learn proper form for the exercises.

Benefits of Body Weight Training for Women

Bone density.

It’s never to early to increase the strength of your bones. However, this becomes especially vital for your health as you age.

Immune system health.

Increase your fitness and you’ll increase your body’s resistance to all sorts of illnesses, from flu to infection. If you do come down with something serious, your body will be in great shape to fight it off and recover fast.

Increased confidence.

There’s nothing like the feeling of pride as you pull off a personal record, whether it’s being able to drag furniture around the house, crank out 50 squats in a row, or do new and advanced move.


You aren’t tied to a gym. You don’t need fancy equipment taking up space in the home. Once you learn the bodyweight exercises, you can find routines to do anywhere, anytime. That convenience makes you all the more likely to succeed in your strength-building journey.